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Two visions. Two concepts. When two solid companies join forces, they bring their experience and professionalism together. And if they are both market leaders in their field, their alliance will allow them to maximise and expand their strengths and complementary skills. The merger between Niederwieser and Alcom into a single enterprise, called Niederwieser, and the consequent creation of the food processing and food packaging divisions, places us in the international market as a dynamic global supplier and consolidates our leadership. With over thirty years of experience and know-how in both fields, we have developed a 360 degree vision of the marketplace, which allows us to maximise our competences through a synergy of views. This merger brings a renewed strength that allows us to define new development strategies and launch new important challenges to the market. We believe that it is essential for an enterprise to be able to look beyond shortterm objectives, to think ahead and plan accordingly. "Thinking outside the box" is an added value for the company and its staff, suppliers and customers: it allows us to attain higher goals and offer an increasingly wide range of products and an excellent customer service and technical support.


Niederwieser obtains KlimaHouse certification for its new administrative building of San Giacomo.

Sustainability is an increasingly..


First place at the Gulfood Manufacture Industry Excellence Award!