Embossed pouches

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    Embossed pouches



    The film the pouches are made off, is produced by our subsidiary VF Verpackungen in Sulzberg in the German Allgäu. The Niederwieser company therefore has full control over the product:

    from the resin-granulate till the finished goods.

    VF Verpackungen GmbH is specialized in the production of flexible PA/PE and PA/EVOH/PE multilayer films for the food and non-food industry. They meet and exceed all compulsory quality certificates and hygienic requirements for the national and international food industries. All the production processes comply and fulfil the demands of sustainability.


    - Excellent transparency and high gloss
    - Good puncture resistance
    - Excellent gas, vapour and aroma barrier
    - Excellent vacuum suction
    - Metallocene inner layer for excellent sealing properties
    - Vertically integrated process guarantees gap free traceability from resin to pouch
    - Compatible with all external vacuum suction appliances

    -    Vast selection of standard sizes on stock
    -    Large standard programme for 72h deliveries available

    All types of fresh and frozen food s.a. meat cuts, sausages, cheese and fish

    We serve major players in the industry and are equipped to deliver industrial quantity in shortest lead times.



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