BRC Certificate

It´s time to celebrate! We are delighted to announce that Niederwieser SpA Food Packaging division...


All food packaging manufacturers, as required by the applicable binding legislation, know about the growing need to demonstrate and provide sufficient evidence of their ability to identify and control potential hazards related to their products. The quality, hygiene and food safety of packaging is a joint responsibility guaranteed mainly by the combined efforts of all the parties involved in the supply chain.

The adoption of a food quality and safety management system is a strategic decision of the organization for the Food Packaging Division of the Niederwieser S.p.A.: it's a priority to guarantee to its customers, belonging mainly to the food sector, a high level of quality and safety for the products supplied.

Thus, Niederwieser SpA, traditionally distinguished by an extreme pragmatism, professionalism and seriousness in acting and satisfying the needs of its customers, certified since years in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards (for the quality management) and UNI EN 15593: 2008 (for the sanitary self-control system), has chosen to certify its production facilities according to the BRC Standard for packaging and packaging materials.

From July 2018 the new certification adopted and issued by the ''Istituto Italiano dei Plastici'' institute, certifies and guarantees the efficiency of our quality control system and sanitary self-control aimed at product and production site safety.