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29.05.-01.06.2018 | Hall2 | Stand C06


Food Packaging producers agree on the growing necessity of being able to provide proof of their own capacity of identifying and controlling potential hygiene hazards connected with their products. High standards of hygiene for food packaging materials can only be achieved through a shared responsibility including all members of the production chain, from the supplier to the final consumer.
Niederwieser Food Packaging regards the adoption of a rigid hygiene control system as a strategical decision concerning the company as a whole: although no specific hygiene management system is so far legally required in the food packaging industry, Niederwieser Spa  places the utmost priority on ensuring such high quality and safety standards for its customers , who are mainly allocated in the food processing industry.
Therefore Niederwieser Food Packaging, as always professionally committed to meeting customer needs and requirements, , has decided to extend the rigid principles ,methods and procedures of hygiene management to its production of flexible packaging following the european standards UNI EN 15593:2008 and  obtaining the accordant certification through the Italian Instituteof Plastics (Istituto Italiano dei Plastici).
This implementation of the UNI EN 15593:2008 standard allows Niederwieser Food Packaging to provide its customers with the highest standards in quality and hygiene.