Niederwieser obtains KlimaHouse certification for its new administrative building of San Giacomo.

05.04.2017 00:00
Sustainability is an increasingly..

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic throughout the entire business of the Niederwieser group. Thus also the newly inaugurated headquarters follows this lead and was built with an energy efficient and sustainable concept in mind, ultimately obtaining the KlimaHouse standard certification.
The highly energy-efficient building minimizes the energy needs for heating, cooling and lighting by exploiting  renewable energy sources like the sun and the temperature gradient of the aquifer on behalf of a highly modern plant.
The result is a high quality standard combined with natural comfort conditions for the employees - all by keeping external energy requirements as low as possible.
"The approach to satisfy our current energy needs can only be a sustainable one in order to not compromise the ability of future generations to satisfy their own" (M. Niederwieser).