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We are a reliable supplier of a complete range of packaging, flexible films, cooking and sterilization films and bags, vacuum bags, flexographic printing. Our customers choose Niederwieser for the quickness and care in order execution and for the many pre and post-sales services.

Niederwieser is a family run company with more than 230 employees. The Niederwieser Food Packaging division, headquartered in Campogalliano (Modena), in cooperation with VF Verpackungen, produces and distributes worldwide a complete range of flexible packaging material that results from an innovative extrusion technology. It offers a wide range of flexible films, printed flexible films, cooking films, sterilization films, cooking bags, sterilization bags, printed envelopes, embossed envelopes, embossed cooking envelopes, vacuum pouches, vacuum bags, vacuum bags for food, pouches for Sous-Vide and vacuum cooking at all temperatures.
The Niederwieser Food Packaging division also offers a high-quality graphic customization for each type of packaging, using a flexographic printing process with up to eight colors. The Niederwieser Food Packaging product range is rounded up by the brand new flexographic printing finish with tactile effect, to give the end-user an engaging experience in every sense.



Niederwieser obtains KlimaHouse certification for its new administrative building of San Giacomo.

Sustainability is an increasingly..


BRC Certificate

It´s time to celebrate! We are delighted to announce that Niederwieser SpA Food Packaging division...